Technical Guidelines for Modeling Hospital-Based Biobank


In 2018, Biobank FMPHN UGM received a research grant from the Indonesian Institute of Education Fund Management (or LPDP) to develop a biobank governance system for the development of research and health services in Indonesia. Biobank FMPHN UGM partnered with UGM Academic Hospital (RSA UGM), forming a unit called Medical Biobank for Health Research in Indonesia (MBRIO). In its implementation, MBRIO consists of governance, ethics, technical, and bioinformatics lines with the resulting output being a hospital-based biobank model. Even though it was stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this project can be completed in 2022-2023.

Hospital-based biobank modeling is carried out by following the patient pathway by ensuring protocol compliance in each unit involved. This modeling was carried out in June-November 2022 involving 30 medical staff and 6 non-medical staff who had been given outreach and training.


From this modeling, research results are obtained that can be applied and adapted by other hospitals that will establish and develop biobanks. This research resulted in the book “Technical Guidelines for Modeling Hospital-Based Biobank” which has been registered with Intellectual Property Rights with no 000427347: IPR OF HOSPITAL-BASED BIOBANK GUIDELINES

Other products produced besides the book are infographics that can be accessed at the following link: